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In the kick-off issue of our 40th anniversary year, we look back at what first spurred lifetime fascinations with the Civil War (Richards and Nash), we build on what early collectors learned (Eberhart), we give thanks for the generously given knowledge of collectors (Binder), we traverse the fields to see what we can learn about what the soldiers actually wore and used (Gurley), we sing the praises of good old Confederate ingenuity (Pritchard and Prince), and—in the finest NSTCW tradition—we identify the previously unknown (Gloyd and Gorto).

We also take this opportunity to thank all of our readers for your many decades of support. May you have a Christmas filled with light and laughter and a New Year of peace and promise.

"Missourians in Arkansas," photo by Bill J. Gurley, artifacts courtesy the Bill J. Gurley Collection and the Meigs Brainard Collection. Please see the cover story on p. 40.

Webley Wedge Frame Revolver & Confederate Ingenuity
by Russ A. Pritchard, Jr., and Tim Prince
Colt marries Webley in a most unusual wedding

W.J. McElroy: Macon Maker
by L.D. Eberhart
Building on the notes of early collector Cecil Anderson

Chasing Missourians in Arkansas
by Bill J. Gurley
The artifacts of the orphan brigades of the Trans-Miss

Oakes Spur Manufacturer Identified
by Patrick M. Gloyd
Turns out it wasn't a he; it was a they

The Colonel's Cups
by Richard G. Williams, Jr.
A veteran's memorabilia sparks a lifetime interest

BCPI Button: Proper Identity Revealed
by John Gorto
It had nothing to do with the Phillipines

Connected Generations: Early Gettysburg ID Disc
by Ned Shaw
A 1950s schoolboy's fascination remains

Gratitude: A Closeup View
by Daniel J. Binder
Images help a collector give thanks to other collectors